Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Pt2

I am just sitting here debating with myself as to whether I should take action or not. I know Coleen is at work and probably busy. But I really feel the urge to reach out to her and find out how we missed each other yesterday. I guess she expected me to be at the boat and when I wasn't decided to do something else. I just think her failure to call me back has a reason and I could make it worse by being overly aggressive. On the other hand knowing what happened will give me some relief. I get this feeling she doesn't feel comfortable around the other girls. I'm looking back as yesterday and wish I had gone to the boat like I usually do. But also if I had just called her ... oh, well. I can't change the past and she has told me more than once she wants to be friends only so I need to look at it in that light. Don't get too much more emotionally attached and eventually she will find a way to talk to me in her own time.

Here are some more pictures from Saturday's fishing trip.

This is the Robert Moses Bridge to Fire Island.

The Fire Island Light.

Janet's daughter Ali showing me how to bait a hook.

The day on the fishing boat could only have been better if I'd actually gotten a fish. I don't really cook fish so I wasn't too upset about not hooking any.

Last night I had dinner with some other friends I know from Scuba diving. I don't see them nearly enough since I rarely dive any more. It was a fun dinner but they were planning a trip upstate to dive in Lake Ontario. I'll be sitting that out.

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