Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm up and then I'm down

The rollercoster ride continues. I got a lunch time visit from Coleen yesterday. It was great to have company but at the time I was engrossed in work issues. We ate leftovers from the restaurant we had gone to the night before. Seeing her in my home gives me pause for thought. I can see us getting closer and closer but not as anything other than friends. I have to believe she knows how much I like her although I can't bring myself to say it until she is at least available.

Coleen's body language is telling me more and more that I not getting anywhere. And now I am starting to sense she is beginning to cool towards me. Maybe now that she sees how I live she knows I would have a lot of trouble taking care of her. Or maybe I'm just smothering her a little. Either way I guess I'll have to withdraw a little. I will let her make the next move.                        

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cindyliz770 said...

Wow! You really seem to be on a rollercoaster and I don't really have any great advice to offer because I don't know what I'd do. Does she know how you feel about her? I don't see how she couldn't. Maybe you should put all your cards on the table and see, finally, how it goes. Anyways, I hope you have a nice weekend and I wish you the best.