Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Saw a Band out of Boston


I went to see Boston at Jones' Beach. A little sad to see them perform in a half full stadium but they were great. It turned out to be a full on family event with all my brothers Barry, Sean, Brian and sister Maryliz going along with in-laws Georgene and Sue.

We did a tailgate before the show. Barry had an extra ticket he didn't use... and Coleen wanted to go but found out too late for that to happen. Maybe it was fate. As it was I got the third degree about her.

We as a family have had a lot of good times together this summer. Can't remember the last time we all bonded like we did last night ... no parents or nieces and nephews. Just us. I wish we could have more moments like that. I feel very blessed.

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cindyliz770 said...

I love Boston !!! What a great band they were and what great memories their songs bring back, 'More than a Feeling', 'Let me take you home tonight' - they were two of my favorites - well and still are. Nice that you got to spend real quality time with your brothers and sister.