Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Just a typical day

I still can't get to sleep at night. No alcohol yesterday so it's not that. I guess the extra caffiene probably didn't help. So again today like yesterday I'm exhausted. It's very hard to concetrate.

I had a very quiet time at home last night. Just me and the TV. I had called and left a message on Coleen's voicemail but she either didn't get it or was too busy to call. It wasn't like I needed her to call back. It's just that I said I would call. So after spending more than half my weekend with her I had no contact yesterday.

I did have a round of email from the girls. Since Roberta was away she asked to be filled in on things ... and there were some things that I had also missed. It seems that there was a division amongst the beach goers. So now we are seperating into 2 camps. It seems that two of the women aren't speaking and now everone must choose between groups. I have so much going on I may not be going to the beach much for the rest of the summer anyway.

I put in for vacation from August 18 through Labor Day so if I don't blog it's because I've managed to get away. Still iffy for me to travel though. I really need to be able to get away from all the crazy thoughts going in me head. It remains to be seen if I can do that.  

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