Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Women who would rather be alone than date me

I'm struggling a bit at work so I need to keep things short. But I would love to bring things up to date as far as how my New Years Eve went. The plan was to go to what was supposed to be a movie event that was really just a movie with some food prior to. There were mostly older people and couples. No real chance for me to strike up a conversation with anyone new. While that was disappointing I must say the movie Black Swan was fairly good. I wish I could get myself tickets to a real ballet ... I had wanted to see the Nutcracker before Christmas but no one shared my interest and going alone had little appeal for me. Maybe I should have gone alone anyway.
So before the movie I got a text message ... and not from anyone who I would have expected. It was Tracy. I had seen Tracy online earlier and had a short IM with her. I guess I got her thinking about me as she wanted to wish me Happy New Year. As much as I enjoy Tracy's company I can only handle her for a short time. There is something about her that reminds me a little of my ex-wife. She whines a lot. Still it was validating to have someone text me. Chris was asking why aren't I seeing her. When I told him I couldn't seem to get into her he was all about getting me to fix them up. That could be an interesting idea. We will see.
So we saw the movie and the plan was to stay afterwards for what was called a champagne toast. But when I noticed that the champagne was really sparkling cider I asked Chris if he wouldn't prefer to head back and have a real toast at a place near home. I had hoped to see someone, anyone, that I knew but the place we went didn't seem to have anyone there. So at midnight I sent a text to Janet and no one else except my sister-in-law sent me anything. I was home in bed by 12:30. Alone. Just like all the New Years for the last 20 years.
I needed to get up early to see my mom off to the airport so it was just as well. My night's sleep was interrupted by a text message at 2:30 A.M. WTF!? I read the message "Happy New Year" but without my glasses I couldn't see who sent it. Figured it was Janet and went back to bed.
When I awoke I put glasses on and realized the text was from Coleen. Now Chris has noticed the car of her new guy Tommy at the bar down the street of where we went so I at first thought she had been there and maybe had actually been out until then. But then I noticed the time stamp said 9:30 p.m. and realized her message must have taken 5 hours to be sent to me. Her cell is really messed up and this has happened before. Turns out she sent the message just before turning in for the night ... at home. She never goes out for New Years and I guess she didn't see Tommy. Or Chris was wrong and that wasn't his car.
So I'm up before 6 a.m. and at my sister's by 7 to say bye to mom as she gets ready to go to the airport and back to Florida. Then I am home and throughout the morning all the people I wish I had partied with on NY Eve sent me messages. Seemed that no one had gone anywhere except for me. Janet, Jami, Roberta, Lisa and Coleen had all stayed home. No one has a guy and there are me and Chris lamenting on our dateless New Year. It really is a screwed up place I am at. More and more I realize how I'll need to find something farther away.

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