Monday, January 10, 2011

How I bounce

I have crazy laptop issues. I have a new work laptop and still have the old one so I have been transitioning between the 2 since about Christmas. They really want the old one back but I've been hesitating on it mostly because I'm not sure if I have all the documents and pictures copied. Then I have been trying to write the files onto my external drive that only seems to work with the new laptop and only when I am off line. I will probably need to have it done by the end of the week. I will probably lose some things but I think most everything that is important I'll manage to copy somehow.
The rest of my life is also in various states of confusion. I am stressing out at work over things changing and not able to keep ahead of things. I can't seem to get anything to complete. A project that I'd been doing for more than a year is being pushed back again and it's pretty much my fault since I haven't been able to fix all the problems. I can only seem to focus on it for a day or two and then I get pulled in another direction and it's usually not a work related issue that pulls me away.
My weekend went by way too fast. I had dinner with Coleen both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday she asked if I'd like to have Chinese food with her at home - her parents were there too, so it wasn't like a special dinner. She had her dog at the vet all week and wanted to keep a close eye on him so I changed my plan at the last minute and went. I had planned to eat with Chris and watch the Jets playoff game. So she invited him as well. He was his usual quirky self. Then she asked me again Sunday and told me to leave Chris out of it ... which I wanted to do anyway.
I wish I could say how terrible it was so I could just give up and find something else, but it was actually nice. Probably my best moment came when Dean saw us leave together, although not to do what they do, but he doesn't know that.
The only down moment came when Janet sent me a text telling me where she was and I said maybe I'd come up. When I never did I heard she came looking for me but I'd already left with Coleen. She never did talk to me after that so I'm probably in her doghouse but since there is no romance there I'm just blowing it off. Last time she did that when I got there she was totally flirting with someone else and you know, she gets what she deserves.
I guess this entry is a little all over the place but then that's just a reflection of how my life is right now. Things just keep bouncing around for me.
No plans are being made and no one is going to change for me but I am still out there flailing away. I still do what I shouldn't but I make the best of it. I wish I could lead with my head instead of my heart. Maybe next time.

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