Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New year - old crap

Here is a picture for New Years Eve. The funny hats were on for just a moment.
The new year is only 5 days old and I'm already feeling disgusted. I start the year fresh and optimistic and after just 2 days at work I'm already feeling trapped like in the movie Groundhog Day. Just starting the year and I am already weeks behind.
Last weekend I got a text message from Coleen that her dog was sick with some kind of gastric distress. As I hadn't seen or heard from her since I decided to see how the dog was. He's a 12 year old dog so I wasn't sure what to expect. She said the dog is not doing well and has been with the vet since Monday. She was at the bar so I thought it would be a good idea to head out and see her. When I got there I saw an empty seat next to her.
Even though she has other friends there she was pretty much giving me all her attention... something that hasn't happened in a while. She is having a tough time as it may be that she will have to put the dog to sleep soon. She said she felt like she had failed and was a bad mom to the dog. I know that feeling from when my cat needed to be put to sleep 3 years ago.
It may have made her feel better as the next thing we were talking about was how she wants to come to my house to see the Jets playoff game and cook dinner. I decided to make a party out of it and maybe have 6 people over. With that plan made she headed home.

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