Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dinner story.

Dinner at Coleen's house was fun. Her parents, especially her mom, were more friendly than I'd ever seen them. Her mom is on medication for depression, but there was no hint of it at all. She was asking me about my job, and telling me stories about how she grew up.
There were some emotional moments as Coleen is still feeling sad that her dog had to be put to sleep only last Friday. But I enjoyed myself. Things worked out really well. We met at the bar first and I pulled up just as she did so we went in together. We thought we would be in and out but we actually stayed more than an hour. I was feeling really special. I know not to put too much into things but it felt like I was getting a lot of attention and I went with it.
By the time dinner was finished and the dishes were washed it was already close to 9 pm so I didn't really have any after dinner things. Coleen smokes so we stood outside for a but as she finished her cigarette and with that I said goodnight.
I was home by about 9:30 and I had a pot of tomato sauce cooking on the stove. I'll need to explain about that later. It wasn't long before I went to sleep. This morning I felt I needed to follow up with something so I called her office phone and left her a voicemail thanking her for a great dinner.

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