Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day

We got a little snow last night. The predicted 3 to 5 inches turned into more than a foot. So there is not going to work today.
This is the picture from the front of my house. The trains are running but I can't figure out if they are on any kind of schedule. Lucky me. I get to work from home. I signed on at 8 AM and see most everyone is out of the office today. I have my phone working and email is up so I am on the case.
Not sure what the rest of my day will be. I am scheduled for dinner with my sister's family... a dinner I prepared. Last night I put together my homemade sauce with my ziti and put it into a pan ready to go into the oven. Since I was scheduled to be working in the office I needed my sister to pick it up so it could go into the oven and be ready by a reasonable time. She forgot to stop by so it is in my refrigerator and now since I am home I can get there and start it so in that way the snow is working out well for me.
Yesterday while at work I was shocked to get a call to my cell from Coleen. It was her work number and not her cell. I was about to start a meeting so I picked up and told her I would call her right back. I called after the meeting and was glad to talk to her so I could say thank you for the dinner the night before. The first thing she said was that her phone had fallen into the sink and gotten wet. So it would be off until she was sure it was dry. I sent her a text later at night and it seems the phone is fine.
So I wanted to ask her things but she replied with just a "good night" which means she didn't really want to talk. She was supposed to see Tommy so I suspect she spent her evening with him. I know I should get myself thinking that way but maybe it's better if I do so I won't get give myself hopes.
So today I will let things kind of just be. No messages or calls and if I hear from anyone they can sent me something.
Lisa called me last night too. She told me her boyfriend's mom died. She says this to me in a whisper, like she is afraid someone will hear. As expected Carmine is upset, but not for reasons you might expect. I guess I should give some background.
Carmine's mom suffered from dementia and was put into a hospital about 18 months ago. There were times she needed to be restrained. To protect the family home Carmine and Lisa lived there. Carmine has some sisters who live out of state so he was really the only option. He would visit his mom maybe once a month.
Since she was being taken care of I guess they just trusted the facility and when a call came saying the mom was taken to the Emergency Room they didn't seem to know too many details.
So here is the kicker ... seems she died last Saturday and no one called until some point Wednesday and that was a voice message buy someone at the hospital asking if that can arrange for body pick-up. Yeah ... and have a nice day. They really said that.
So Carmine was sitting in his office trying to understand what happened and not really talking to Lisa. The sisters said they would not attend any services until spring because they can't be expected to travel in winter. I just listened and told her if there's anything she needs I would be there.
After she hung up I wanted to call someone but just couldn't think who really would want to listen. I considered Janet of Roberta, but they have been so distant this week I decided not to bother. I'll tell them at some point today. I wonder if they tried to get into work.

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