Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving activities

I kept the computer turned off for the entire Thanksgiving weekend. First of all I made my way out on Wednesday night and that didn't go too well. I saw Coleen do her booty call thing again. Funny how you think you know someone and then find out who they really are and even though all your friends tell you what's what you still can't accept it until it hits you right between the eyes ... but enough about that. I am so over it.

It took my race on Thanksgiving morning to help me see things in a different light. I had set a goal for finishing in under 33 minutes and during the run itself I knew I needed to maintain certain split times at each mile marker. So when i past the first mark at a little over 10 minutes I knew my pace was right where i needed it to be. My sister was running too but she was somewhere behind me. I had expected her to pass me at some point but she never did. I finished right at the 33 minute mark so I was very pleased and beating my sister was an unexpected surprise. I guess I can do more than I thought.
So I felt really good about myself for the rest of the day. Even seeing Coleen later couldn't bring me down. Unfortunately I was a little dehydrated and my Thanksgiving ended early for me. The rest of the weekend I spent not doing much of anything. There was dinner out Saturday with Chris and Janet. We talked about how we all seem to be struggling with similar things. I told Janet about the singles event Chris and I went to and she wanted to know why we didn't ask her to go. There was a discussion about how I can't do that that with her because I won't try to meet women if she is there. She said she understood as she sees me do that in those kind of situations. At least I got a sense from her that she is also putting her heart out there ... just never going to be with me. It's like a broken record in my life. All single women want me as a friend.
Sunday I stopped into the bar to see the football game and saw Coleen there with another guy. Not the one from Wednesday. She came over and said hello. She looked terrible. She has been fighting a cold for over a week and now she has a cold sore and that gave her a fat lip. It was easy to just say hello and move on.
So my holiday weekend didn't involve anything great or bad. Just kept an even keel and now I can just deal with the rest of the holidays. It's already getting so cold ... this will be the longest winter.

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