Friday, November 19, 2010

Single scene

I need to dash this off so I can get back to working. Last night I attended a singles function for people interested in sailing. Since it's the start of the winter no one is actually looking to do any sailing but I saw it as a chance to see what might be a way to get new people into my life that share my interests. There were quite a few people there but unfortunately they all seemed to be way older then me. This was confirmed when I met the organizer who said they were trying to get young people like me as members ... younger then me? I'm 54 for crying out loud. I was there with my friend Chris who is also in his mid-50's.
I did get to swap some sailing stories with a fellow boat owner. I talked about how much I want to take a cruise next year and hadn't been in so long I was hoping to get any inside info I could. It was a good connection and we exchanges numbers on the off chance I go to Block Island we can raft up. It was while I was talking to him I saw the only possibility (a girl who was actually age appropriate) put her coat on and leave and I never got the chance to even ask her name. I did have a nice conversation with a woman named Joyce. She looked a little older but I can't be sure of anything anymore. It was a reasonable amount of money to go and I may go again after the new year. You can never tell how these things will go.
I am not sure whether I want to let my friends in on the fact that I went to something like that. As Chris I talked in the car on the way home I stated that we've just tried Plan A and now we need to start looking for Plan B. We are both more or less in the same position in that we are frustrated by being single and how there are no possibilities among the people around us. It's actually better to go to these things and be able to have a friend there so I can't isolate myself with fear.
I've decided I would like to make a date with someone ... anyone ... for New Years' Eve. I am not sure what that entails but if I can't make that happen I may just sit out the entire event and stay home. I'm tired of pretending to have a good time when I'd really like to be with someone.

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