Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Love my Team

Bit by bit I'm losing the ability to see Internet sites so I may find myself off of this any day now. But for the moment I am still posting.
Maybe it will be a good thing to get away from the on-line social thing and get back to meeting people in real time and eye to eye. I haven't had any real success using cyberspace.
I continue to work hard on my self-improvement program. I am slowing convincing myself that I am better everyday. No one who is close to me will ever be "the one" so I am thinking more and more about looking into new adventures.
My friend Chris, who was with me for the single event last week, seems to have the same ambition. I hope we can help each other. He was at my house for dinner last Sunday night and I made the mistake of having a little bit to drink and got on a bit of a rant. I probably said way too much ... similar to what I've gone on and on about here. It was good to have a sympathetic ear and get some feed back. I feel a bond or kinship with Chris. We both are lonely and are not satisfied with what's available.
Thing is here I am again, always able to make friends but not able to make a girl look at me romantically. I think there is someone out there who I will love and love me and all that is me but I keep getting involved with people who don't see me in that light. I need to stop making friends and just lay myself out there.
On a lighter side I enjoyed seeing my team, the New York Jets, win another thriller. I was out at the bar and all seemed lost when the Jets were down by 4 with less than a minute to go and no time outs. When the Jets scored I kind of lost it a bit. Jumped up and down and danced around. I may have scared some people. No one knows how long I've suffered waiting for a football season like this. Coleen was there and I may have scared her a bit. I was sitting next to her guy Tommy who was wearing a Jets sweatshirt that I think Coleen bought for him because he is a Giant fan. Just another dagger in my heart but I don't care ... my team won and I was living in the moment. I didn't even notice when they left.

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