Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Race is On.

My day yesterday was more lonely than usual. No conversations with anyone outside of work. Even my workout at the gym consisted of me doing what I needed to do and getting out without a word to anyone. After I got home I wanted to have some kind of conversation except I had nothing substantial to talk about. I felt very antsy and I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to sleep. Turns out I went asleep right away. That's the power of getting a solid workout in to wear me down. I ended up sleeping very well.
Big day tomorrow and not just because it's Thanksgiving. I am planning to run a 5K race and I hope my sister will also run. Then I will go to Janet's for the dinner. The opportunity to go to my family was there but I decided to join her family instead. I figure I spend my Christmas with family so my Thanksgiving can be more optional.
Last night was my last tune up before the race. Running on a treadmill is much different than running on the street. My right knee has not responded well to the street run I did on Sunday so I'm a little nervous about how I'll handle things. I may take a few days off after just to make sure I recover. We will see.

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