Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I did last weekend

I took a break from posting yesterday. It wasn't that I didn't have anything to say though. I was just struggling with what I most wanted to rant about.
I suddenly find myself spending lots of time with Lisa. She called me up and we watched the Giant game together. While she was with me we talked a lot about her dead relationship. She was telling me about how she was still trying on Saturday but again it did not go the way she wants it. She told me her boyfriend finally admitted he considered their relationship over. For the first time she was no longer wearing her ring. But then Lisa would waffle. She still seems determined to work it out. At least for one more week.
Meanwhile the Giants were kicking butt. I hardly watched the first half while we talked but then in the second half we focused on the game. I thought maybe we could have a deeper conversation one the game ended but as soon as the clock said zero she grabbed her coat and was out the door. She didn't want to get home super late so I let her go.
We were drinking wine all through the game so it wasn't long after she left that I went to bed. It wasn't even 10 PM and I had Monday off for MLK Day. But I was out like a light. To my surprise my phone rings at about midnight. WTF. It was Carolyn. Again - not a booty call. It seemed her daughter was out somewhere and had a flat tire. She wanted me to fix it. I told her to call AAA and I went back to sleep. I had asked her out for Friday night and she told me she felt a cold coming on and kind of just blew me off. So I was not about to put myself out. Not in the condition I was in. I feel more than a little used. I may go out with her again but not until she makes me feel less like a tool. I have a feeling she won't.
I know the advice I get from Josie and Cindy should be heeded. I'm not stupid. I see the handwriting on the brick wall that I am pounding my head on. But there is none so blind as those who will not see. Change is hard.

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