Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stuck in the Middle with no one.

Today I left my house without my cell phone. It's like a part of me has been left behind. It's not as if anyone ever calls me but I'm ever the optimist. But today I have to suck it up until I get home. If anyone calls me they will need to wait.
I will need to make haste when I get home and turn it around quickly. I can pick up the middle piece to the entertainment center that my new TV will sit on. They will only be available until 7 so I'm going to need to really push it since I can't even get home until at least 6.
Then the problem will be getting it into the house and up the stairs. I had asked Chris to assist me and I still hope that he will. Once in I can handle it from there I think. Then I'll be happy.
It takes so little to make me happy. God knows I can't seem to effect anything else right now. It feels as if I will be spending a lot more time in front of the TV this winter. The cat is happy about that.
Since it seems like I am kind of between things I am using this time to try and get things done around the house. I've been checking off my list for the last three weekends. I have most of the crap put into storage and still have a few things that need to be put somewhere. Since I've moved in I've used me spare room as a dumping ground for anything I don't feel like putting away. Or even throwing out. I want to use that as an office so I need to get the junk out.
I've always noticed that your home is a mirror image for your life. I cluttered, messy unorganized house usually belongs to someone who has a life that is the same way. But the opposite of that isn't really appealing either. A home that has everything put away and looks like a museum is a little more anal retentive for me. I hope to find a middle ground. Soon.

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