Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The beginning of the end

I've lost trrack of how long I've been doing this blog, but if what I've been hearing since yesterday is true I will only be updating for another month. Sometimes I think nothing happens or changes but if I go back and look at older entries I can see I've written about so many things .... still no one special in my life. I lost my closest friend Joe, started hanging out with new friends in Glen Cove and even found myself attracted to an assortment of women. This journal has helped me to vent my frustration or obsessive compulsions.

So I will still be updating and try to figure out if there is another viable option. Or I may just move on and maybe start keeping a notebook which I've done many times before. The thing I'll miss is knowing that my words won't get read by random people and receiving their feedback.   

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