Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend stuff

My difficulty deciding how to spend my weekend never really settled but I managed to compromise my way through it. As you can see from the first picture I made it to my favorite bar on Friday night. I never heard from Coleen beforehand so I partly expected that she wouldn't be there. But to my pleasant surprise I saw her car in the parking lot so I knew she was there. She isn't in the picture though. That's Jami, myself, Janet and Tony.

Even though Coleen isn't in the picture I did spend most of my Friday night talking with her. Once again she was telling me about how she is at the end of her relationship which I glad to hear. But when I tried to make her talk about how much I want to plan things to do with her she would change the subject or even find an excuse to simply end the conversation. She did seem genuinely disappointed that I wasn't going to be around at all on Saturday, but we promised to talk on the phone.

Mark was going to a wedding and she had been asked to go but she had said she wouldn't go. I was thinking my being around would make it easier for her not to go. But since I could really get her closer to me I figured that I'd need to do what I'd planned and that was that.

Saturday started out simply enough. I made it to the south shore before noon and things started out fairly quiet and laid back. It was pretty cold so I laid off the beer for as long as I could. I got into playing poker and I must say I had the best run of luck playing cards as I ever have had. By the end of the night I had put an extra $75 in my pocket. I had no idea what was different but traditionally I never win at cards. It seemed as if I was winning ever other had. You would think I would have enjoyed that and it was exciting, but I was really looking forward to the end. At about 4 o'clock I got a call from Coleen. She was definitely not going to the wedding with Mark. I was glad to hear that but still wished I could see her without having his name mentioned. It was a short conversation. She was heading to the bar. After sunset it got chilly. Pictured is the tent we all hung out in to protect us from the wind. There were 50 of us so it was a good turnout. I didn't really get any good pictures though.

I spent the night on Barry's boat. We got up early and since Barry wasn't feeling well we left. By the time I'd dropped him off and went home it was still only 10 o'clock. I needed to shower and change and as I was getting dressed I got a call from Coleen. You might think she calls me so much because maybe I'm getting to her. At least I was thinking that.

So we agreed to meet for lunch. Where else but at the bar to watch football. At some point she broke down and called Mark or Mark called her and she answered. All i know for sure was he came strolling into the bar and grabbed the seat next to her. Whatever I thought might be happening with us was clearly not. She and him got pretty close and I just watched the game.

So here is where it gets odd. He kind of pushed her away and left. Not in a mad way, just in a "I've got to get out of here" way. So he left and she wanted to know what I was doing.... hey I'd been drinking beer all weekend.... I really needed to go home. So I said I had no plans. She said she wanted to see Mark's dog before she goes home. I think she had an idea of going there and getting cozy with Mark. So I said goodnight and watched her head out the door with very different feeling than I'd had in the morning when she called me.

Well... I finished my drink and then left within maybe 10 minutes. So what a shock to see her driving the opposite way towards her house and away from Mark's. I don't know what happened but I know what didn't. At least I could get to sleep not thinking about that. Right now I'd prefer not to hear any details.


Krissy said...

I always have good luck with the scratch lotto cards lol The most I won was 1000 and didn't get to keep it all. Also won 600 and 20's here and there. Every time I play and bet on cards I lose lol

homesliggity said...

hey there stranger! i'm glad to see you have also made the transition to blogger...i'm sorry to hear about your favorite watering-hole shutting it's doors, have you found a replacement yet??