Friday, October 10, 2008

New day - new home for the story

My new home for my journal. I almost gave it up. I was conflicted as to whether this story should continue but life goes on and so does the journal. We will see if the features that are different make this process easy or hard. Right away I see there is an auto-save feature. No more spilling my guts for an hour only to have my cat walk across the keys and delete the entry.
Me evening last night was spent having dinner with Coleen (she spells it with just one "l"). She had some dental work this week and is still feeling the after effects of that. It is the second time she wanted dinner with me after going to see Mark and finding him shitfaced on the couch. I felt compelled to remind her of that fact ... probably should have let it go. But I was feeling very confrontational. I want to tell her if she wants to make a move in my direction that I'm here for her.

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