Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Sunday

I spent my Sunday at the street fair that is known as the Sea Cliff Mini-mart. It's an annual event that is very laid back. It's more about getting out and seeing people you only see at these kind of things. I saw a number of people who I only barely recognized. The friends I saw were Chris, Lisa, Carmine, Roberta and Janet. Coleen was with her boyfriend Mark at the Giants' game. I made the mistake of sending a text message to her before the end of the event. She called me as I was leaving to say she and Mark were grabbing dinner at the bar but I'd already been on my feet the entire day so I said I was going home instead.  

One wonders how a group like this can expect to run a successful election campaign when they appear so spelling-challenged. Lucky I have spell check ... as long as I remember to use it.

That's Chris and Lisa and Carmine . Yes, there was beer. No place to sit but there were lots of music. At least 4 different bands.

That's Roberta and Janet. It was a long day. At the end I dropped Roberta off at home because Janet decided to stay and go to some party. Roberta said it was because there is a guy who goes that she has sex with but they never go anywhere that is like a date. There would have been a time when it would have really bothered me but I'm long past that.

So now it's Tuesday and there is a plan to go away this coming weekend. I am expected to go by Janet and Roberta. I kind of want to go but there are so many things to do I'm not sure if I can go. That and since Coleen isn't going my incentive just isn't there. We had made plans to do something on Saturday so I'm very conflicted.