Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Hump day

My week continues to drag on. And it's only half over. The end of the week should be better. I have plans with my brother Barry to take his boat over to TOBAY park for the Power Squadran end of year party. A big part of me wants to cancel so that I can continue my pursuit of Coleen. I get this feeling she is again on the ropes with Mark. It felt really strange to spend so much time with her last weekend. It really feels like she want to spend more time with me than him.

But then I'm not hearing from her the last 2 days. Whatever confidence I had is gone. I wonder if she is waiting for me to call. Today is her short day and she has an appointment to get her eyes examined. Then I can give her a call I think. Last weekend it felt like we were about to start something but now that seems miles away. She must be talking to someone and all I know it isn't me.

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