Monday, October 13, 2008

Another weekend

I'm still getting used to my new location. Hopefully this will become simple soon. I am back to work after a good weekend. I got the boat out of the marina both Saturday and Sunday for the first time this year. I took some pictures and I'll have them in the next post. It figures that I do this just as it's time to end the season. My plan for next weekend is to take it the place to have it dry docked for winter.
I go to see alot of Coleen this weekend even though she didn't join me on the boat. I saw her Thursday, Friday, Saturday night and again on Sunday. As far as trying to distance myself from her it's not really working too well. She makes me feel more and more loved all the time. I am starting put pressure on myself to push things. It's making me very jittery. I think my biggiest problem is I still can't picture us together. I want to move things but I don't know how. We talked about getting together for dinner later this week so maybe I'll finally steel my nerve enough. It's a risk that we won't have a friendship if I do but it already feels like we are more than that anyway. I need to take a chance.

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dontyouwant2no said...

I was thinking all this time you been having feelings for her but dose she know how you feel about her? I don't see it happening if she is left without knowing anything. She could be just as scared to say anything as well. I don't know tho. Just a thought. Even though she is stuck on that guy.