Thursday, October 30, 2008

As promised here are details

My saying of "live life, post less" really does apply. It's been a somewhat hectic week or so. It may take me all day to get across all I need to say.

The past week or so I've spent the usual amount of time see Coleen and, no I didn't try to kiss her. Starting with last Wednesday I ended up going to dinner with her after Lisa cancelled coming to my house for dinner. I was going to cook a steak but she said she didn't feel well. I think she is just becoming less open to going anywhere that is more than 10 minutes away. So instead I took Coleen out for some Indian food. During dinner she got very emotional about things with her mom. It was a little scary but I guess she just needed to let it out. Her mom has been suffering with severe depression for more than 3 years and has pretty much stopped communicating. So it was a more diffecult dinner than usual.

I saw her again everyday after that through Sunday. We seem to spend more and more time together. I still wish it was leading to something. She still complains about Mark constantly but seems to not want to break the connection.

I was at the Bar on Saturday night having drinks and after Coleen left Roberta and Janet decided I needed a good talking to. It is their opinion that Coleen friendship is interfearing with my other relationships. They said they miss me and I am spending too much time with someone who at the end of the day doesn't have my interests at heart. I wasn't going to argue but I'm not going to suddenly stop seeing Coleen.

At some point on later I spoke to Coleen again and she mentioned about how she is getting a lot of flack about her and I and I told her about how I had a descussion about her with Roberta. Ever since every time I mention Roberta to Coleen I get a very negative reaction. I don't want to compartmentize my friends but I guess I'll need to try to keep them apart.

With that, my plans for Friday night is to go to a Halloween party without Coleen. Mostly because she wasn't interested in going and I don't press it so that I don't have to deal with the confrontaion. I will miss her Friday but Lisa is supposed to go so I'll be glad to talk to her.

Spoeaking of Lisa, she and Carmine found an apartment and are moving in together offically on Dec 1. I'm a little sad about that because it probably means the little we see each other now is reduced even more. Everybody moves on so it's not too devestating. I told her I'm happy for her, which for the most part I am. Problem is she continues to tell me how unsatisfied she is. But it's her life and I was never on her list of options.

Well, that's enough for now. I'll be taking pictures on Halloween so look forward to that. I will surprose you with my costume. We've been planning it for weeks.

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Krissy said...

Did you have a good halloween? I'll be adding some pictures soon. I'm waiting for my aunt to send them to me. I used her camra this time lol Can't wait to see yours. Also wanted to let you know that I don't always comment your journal but I have been reading it :)