Sunday, November 2, 2008


Halloween on Friday night was fun but for me it wasn't as good as last year. If you've been reading my blog the reason is fairly obvious.

Our costumes were creative, if not politically correct. We were the polygamist family which included a husband and his 5 wives. I was one of the wives, if you can believe that. A skirt and a wig and I was good to go. It was more fun in theory than it was in reality. I guess I'm more homophobic than I thought I was. It wasn't like anyone was mistaking my maleness. I just felt real uncomfortable.

It's Judy, Ed and me in the first picture and Janet, Judy and Roberta in the next picture. Then it's me and Lisa.

We had fun but it was a Friday so it wasn't a late night. The band started lat so I didn't dance much which was fine because I felt very strange in a
dancing in a dress.

I did get to spend some time with Lisa, who just signed a lease on a new apartment and is moving soon. She and Carmine will be moving in together which I want to be happy about but I'm feeling more like it's a loss. I'll still help her move and I know in the end it's a good thing. When a door closes another one usually opens.

One of my major disappointments was that Coleen chose not to come with us on Friday. The friction between her and Roberta has her avoiding any group activities.

I made up for that on Saturday and I will have more about that in my next entry.

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Jen said...

What a fantastic idea for costumes. Too funny.