Monday, November 3, 2008

Bowling night.

I spent last Saturday night bowling with Coleen, Chris, Tony and Barbara. It was great to do something besides just going to a bar, even though we did still drink beer. I hadn't done any bowling in more than 5 years so I was rusty. We all were as none of us bowled better the second game as we did the first.

Coleen and I spent most of Saturday together. I don't know what else I can do because she is still waiting for something to happen with her boyfriend. But she is reaching out to me more and more. I am trying to make plans with her so that she breaks out of her pattern of going to him when she has no one else to talk to. It's probably not going to work but I think it's worth a try.

You can see Coleen bowling style. She didn't do well but you can tell she can bowl once she gets some practice. We are talking about joining a league over the summer. It would be fun but I wouldn't want to commit to bowling ever week of summer. Maybe we can get some others so there would be alternates.
I can't tell but it felt so much like a date. I want to try and get Coleen to come to my house and I'll make dinner. So I've been asking her to show me how to cook some things. So far she has been resisting but she hasn't said never. She just says maybe. So I went to the store and bought some of the things I know she likes to cook. I have this moment in my mind of us sitting on the couch sipping wine and things just evolve.
On Sunday we exchanged phone calls and late in the day we met up at the bar. We didn't stay long but afterwards we went to her house and she cooked dinner. Her mom and dad were there so it was just a meal. There is a lot of tension in that house.
The last picture is of Chris... he used a lot of body english. Chris is also trying to find things to do that would allow us to break out of the boundaries of the bar. The thing is Coleen still doesn't really want to go to far on the off chance Mark might give her a call.
On that note.... Coleen told me their last talk he more or less told her he needs to take care of his life and she would need to put up with the fact that he is not going to be available for what she wants. It sounds very much like he wants her gone. It's a very odd place I'm in. Things will work itself out soon I think.


Cindy said...

Well it sounds like you have a plan and that's a good thing. Hopefully the right situation comes along.

Anonymous said...

looks like you been having fun or pretty much content :) I like the halloween pictures :)