Friday, November 14, 2008

One step forward and two stepes back

It's finally Friday and here comes the weekend. It's been a very quiet week so maybe the weekend will be good. Nothing wrong with quiet. Since I was down to my last few dollars staying home was rather easy. I got paid today and I didn't overdraw my account although I was down to less than $10. By the time I finish paying bills it won't be much better this pay period either.

Tonight the plan is to attend a wine tasting event with Janet and Roberta. We will have dinner at a with the wine at a good restaurant in Bayville. I'm bringing my camera so be prepared for some new pictures tomorrow.

Probably the hardest part of this week was passing up the opportunity to see Coleen all week. We have been keeping in touch though and it's still not clear to me if there are any long term potential there. This hot and cold stuff is really getting old. When we spoke Wednesday Coleen told me she though she had been dumped by Mark. She said they hadn't spoken all week and she had not been able to get through to even leave a message. Then I speak to her Thursday and she says she was seeing him for dinner. Turns out he'd lost his cell phone and took a few days before giving up looking and got a new one. So they are seemingly back to being a couple, which I always thought anyway. Until they actually say they can't see each other anymore I will always be convinced that I need to maintain my distance. Talk of taking a trip together will stay just talk. She did call me last night at around 9 saying they just did dinner and then she was home. I feels better than imagine them together for the night. From what Coleen tells me they slept together in more than 2 months. She is probably leading me on.

I don't know how much I'll see her this weekend. I'm trying not to think about it since I have a feeling she has plans with Mark. I'll just keep busy doing things I know I need to do. Maybe I'll help Lisa move to her new place. Or just get my house back in order.

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Krissy said...

Wine tasting sounds fun! Shoot drinking this weekend sounds even better! lol but don't think I will be doing anything for awhile. Hope you have fun this weekend. :)