Thursday, November 6, 2008

This caught me by surprise

On Wednesday I had a short conversation with Coleen while she was at work. I say short because she cut me off and said she would call me later, which wasn't until tonight. I wasn't feeling very loved but turns out it was for the best. She is having a real bad week at work. So I listened and feels she needs to get away. This is the surprise part. She wants to book a trip on a cruise ship and she would like it if I went too. I think about this and I am reminded of the time I went on a trip with Lisa and after a week with her I came back and didn't want to see her for weeks. Coleen also said we could go as friends.

It's so strange how I can like someone and I somehow become very close but not the way I'd like. So I'm sitting here chewing on how I make this work. I feel history repeating itself.


Cindy said...

I say take a chance and go for it!

Krissy said...

I agree just go for it and if it don't turn out how you want then atleast you had some fun! Right? lol I hope it goes well. You should enter in some of the photo contest sometimes. You take great pictures and will give you somethign extra to do. :) Maybe even make some extra journal friends. That's if you want other people reading your journal :)