Thursday, November 20, 2008

Validation comes in many ways.

I took a picture of Tigger last night who was in a climbing mood and scaled to the top of the entertainment unit. The flash make his eyes look so evil. You may notice there is a ceramic kitty to the left and if you look real close it's ears are broken off. That's because at one time he liked to push it off to the floor. It's a good 5 pound item too.
I snapped this picture last night. I wanted to post it to the blog and as I was uploading the picture from the camera to the PC my phone rang. It turned out to be Coleen who I had not spoken to since Sunday. Our time together seemed tense to me and as we said goodnight she mentioned how she expected to be busy at work. I took this to mean she didn't want me calling as much so I figured I'd just leave it for a day or 2 and see if she would call me. By last night I was feeling a little let down since she wasn't calling. I had decided I would call her but still hadn't when I finally got the call. I had even discussed it a little with Lisa. I told her I was reminded of the scene in the movie Swingers about when the lead character was trying to decide how many days to wait before calling this new girl. I'm not sure she got it.
My conversation went about as well as any other and there was no specific topic. It was just very validating to know that I am worth a phone call. There was talk about Thanksgiving and how she wanted to make dinner for her family but her brother and his girlfriend made a different plan so it will just be her and her parents. I had this huge temptation to say I would like to join them but I am already committed to my family. I will definitely be on the phone to her at some point during the day. She didn't mention what Mark's plan was but obviously he wasn't interested in spending the day with her.

The weekend will probably bring more drama. I'll be at a family event for my uncle's 80th birthday on Saturday and Sunday I am going to Janet's for dinner. I am not even sure about going out on Friday night but since it will be my only chance to see Coleen you have to figure I'll be out somewhere.

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