Sunday, November 16, 2008

Better day

Things got better as the weekend progressed. I spent the day with Coleen. She's a little unhappy but it has nothing to do with me. So I just kept her company and she seemed better because of it. Don't know what to expect any more. I guess only time will tell.

Anyone who expects something to happen must be disappointed. It's still very much the status quo. And it's almost a year now.


Anonymous said...

Aww you really like her I wish she could wake up and see thigns different. :)

Cindy said...

Well I think a few things when I read your posts. One is that the one you love is worth waiting for if that person is the right person. Two, is that maybe this is a good time to concentrate on yourself, your own interests, likes and health and maybe even broaden your horizons. And third, I don't think there's a time limit when you love someone. Enjoy the time you get to be with her and don't worry about what happens next.