Monday, October 6, 2008

Half the weekend

My weekend included a little bit of everything. There will be pictures later.

Friday I wasn't planning on much but when I needed to pick my car up near the bar I decided to make that part of my evening. The bar had been closed during the week so no one really knew if they were even open, but I got a call from Coleen and knew she would be there.

So there I was in my usual place with Coleen and hardly anyone else since everyone was unsure whether the bar was open. Coleen was planning her weekend around Mark so I just listened to her complain about why she wasn't getting what she wanted. She was mostly talking to Dave who has been giving her a hard time about her choices. She was still planning to have dinner at Mark's even though it was past 7 and Mark was already halfway though a 6 pack of tall-boy beers and seemed to have no intention of entertaining her that night. So she left the bar and headed there with Dave scoffing at her. I ordered another beer and before I even took one sip from it everyone else I knew decided to leave so there I was sitting alone with my beer. Just as I was about to finish the beer my cell rang. It was Coleen saying she needed to eat and Mark was in no shape for a meal. We agreed to meet at an Italian restaurant I go to. She was there before me even though I was there in five minutes. So we go in and eat and while we were talking she said some things that may have been the wine she was drinking, but she said some really nice things. But we ended the night with her still planning her weekend around Mark.

I spent my day doing errands and getting things done at home and on the boat. Went to Janet's before we went to the bar to meet the gang. Coleen plan was to go out to dinner with Mark and since she was going to spend Sunday with him she said she would be spending the night there. I was trying not to think about that so I pushed her out of my mind. So imagine my surprise when at 7:30 I see her come strolling through the door solo. Apparently there was no dinner either. She said she hadn't eaten. But I had already had dinner so I just talked to her. I suppressed the desire to tell her she needs to plan with me if she really wants to do something. Still it was good to know she was not spending the night with Mark, even though her day on Sunday would be with him.

So Sunday I didn't see her at all. I was out and about though and I'll talk about that in another entry.

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