Thursday, February 23, 2012

Train Blues

I missed the train again this morning. This time is was the cat's fault. I made the mistake of letting him wander around outside. On weekends he will typically be back at the door before I finish my coffee. But I guess he knows it's not the weekend and he was a good half hour before he magically reappeared. This was well past the point where I need to catch the train, so again I was on the later train. Not really a big deal but I do like to be at my desk earlier.
I have promised myself that from now until Easter I will start making more of an effort to get to the gym. My goal is to do 3 days during the week and then once more on the weekend. Last night was day one. For some reason my back has been giving me a little trouble. Nothing serious, just like a knife pressing on the small of my back. It is telling me I've been letting things go too long.
I had a couple text messages from Lisa about her mortgage. I have no idea what she has done. I have this urge to try and tell her exactly what to do, but this is her process and she needs to make her own way. If she should ask for things I will do what that is, and I will offer some assistance, but she needs to make her own decisions. I still don't know if she has told her guy, but I'm betting she has not. She is the queen of procrastinators and will put it off until it's to a point where she has to do it.
I guess that's it for now.

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