Friday, February 24, 2012

I feel lucky.

All day yesterday I wanted to send messages to Lisa about what to do with getting her mortgage started, but I resisted until I was on the train at 5. I just asked her how it was going and apparently she is satisfied with having almost nothing started yet. Her attorney recommended she get a home inspector to look at the place she is buying which I thought was a bad idea. See, it's a $500 expense and for a co-op there is really very little to inspect. Everything to look at is right there. She is not responsible for the roof or the foundation so what would she be getting for her money. Before I could even tell her not to do it she had already made her mind up not to. But this does tell me a little about the attorney she is using. I'm thinking it's a real estate attorney who does not normally handle co-op sales. But I think Lisa is going with this one mostly because it's a woman. I can't really argue that.
Just from reading the above paragraph I can see I'm not sure if I can adequately say I can keep a proper distance. I need to wait for Lisa to ask before I push in too much. She has other people she will talk to. She still has no contract. I'm not sure when she will see that, I thought by now she would have. I told her she needs to get her money liquid, and she hasn't even started that. She requested another walk through on Sunday and she did ask me to accompany her. I guess we can look through everything and she can see what I have then.
Meanwhile I was considering getting a drink after work, but instead went to Staples to buy ink for my printer that keeps flashing a red light on the low ink indicator. While there I got a text message from Carolyn. Funny, there was only a little while ago I would have killed to be able to get her into my life. Now that she is I am almost wishing she would go away. I feel selfish and mean when I say that, but I have no idea where she is going with me. I made the mistake of allowing the parameters of or relationship to be as friends and I am only now realizing that Carolyn is mostly about her. That's probably an overstatement. After all when Tigger (my cat)went missing she did stay with me to make me feel better (Tigger was found the next day). But she has so many problems right now she really can't focus on anything else. She lost her job, she is being sued for custody of her kid, she is losing her house. The list just goes on and on. And none of there things has anything to do with me nor can I fix any of it.
Well, she needs help with her resume. So I offered to try. Actually, she wasn't even going to do it until I told her she needs to get herself up and make things happen. I should try and help. But I really don't want to.
Mostly I think that I am fortunate that I am only on the fringe with Carolyn. I can pretty much pick and chose what I do with her. And that is more her doing than mine. Lucky me, huh?

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