Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Skipped a day

Wednesday!? What happened to Tuesday? The week is already a blur. I guess I've had a lot of work. Certainly not like anything ever happens.
It feels like I've given up on the gym. I just can't seem to get myself to go. I am telling myself that I will commit to it for Lent. Ash Wednesday is in 2 weeks. So I guess I'm on a break until then.
I didn't hear from anyone yesterday. My cell phone was left at home so there wasn't much to do about that from work. But when I got home I didn't have anything that resembled a missed call or text message from anyone I know. No email either.
I remember on Sunday Carolyn wanted me to come for dinner. Either tonight or tomorrow night. I'll need to reach out to her since I doubt she will make the first move. I'm not sure I want to but I have to be careful to not get used to sitting home alone. Tonight would be three nights in a row. Nothing ever happens by just waiting.

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