Monday, February 27, 2012

Man stuff

I did not go out Friday night or Saturday night. It was just me and the cat. My one goal was to finally paint my stairwell. And I managed to get that done. I have only lived in my new home for almost 2 years. Before I moved I spent a week painting every room. But I held off painting the stairway because I figured moving would probably leave marks. Which it did. And I have been looking at those marks ever since. Until yesterday. And it was not easy. The stair was so much more difficult than the other rooms. My ladder would not reach every part of the wall so I needed to rig up an table on the stair and place the ladder on that. And it was quite high. I was a little afraid I would have an accident. I thought I might lose my balance and fall or worse, drop a bucket of paint. The possibility of falling and dropping a bucket was also something I was afraid might happen. But I got it done with no drops of paint anywhere except where I wanted it. But now I'm exhausted. I've decided I probably won't need to paint again for 5 years, and by then my best option will be hiring someone else to do it.
That was more or less my entire weekend. Lisa and her sister Ellen dropped by in the middle of it but didn't stay very long. Had I not been painting I could have had some time to play with them. Lucky for me I was already busy. Just as I finished and had gotten 90 percent cleaned up I got a text from Carolyn complaining no one wants to hang out with her because she lost her job. Since I'd not been out all weekend I wanted to go for a drink. I had her come meet me at the bar. I was going there anyway so if she said no I would have been fine with that. But she came. We talked and then we went and had dinner. My only real social contact for the entire weekend. I even asked her to come back to my place but she decided to call it a night. Which was fine since I still had a box of my paint stuff in the middle of my living room.
It wasn't a special weekend but I am proud of myself for completing a home improvement project. Next I want to re-route my cable wire so it isn't as visible. Maybe next week or maybe next year.

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