Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My life and welcome to it.

I was on time for the train this morning so I think I have time to write a proper post. It was quite a weekend. Starting with Friday night. I reached out to Carolyn to see if she was willing to come out for dinner. She then dropped the bomb that she was let go at her job. In fact she had been out of work for a week. Which means her last day of work was the day that we had dinner. She knew all through dinner and didn't say a word. But that sadness was there. No wonder I was so depressed when I left. No wonder I felt it so difficult to call her after that. That black cloud she has is getting to where she is vary tough to spend time around. And yet I don't want to just abandon her. But this is something I can't totally get sucked into. So I keep a distance but still try to be helpful.
So last Friday night Carolyn was no up to seeing me. We made a plan for Saturday instead. Since she wasn't seeing Friday I went to the bar for a happy hour drink. I was only there a little more than an hour. I though maybe if I saw Coleen it might be fun but she wasn't there. I feel like I am better off, but I do miss her.
While there I got a call from Lisa. She was heading home from her own little happy hour. I know what she was doing even though I she didn't exactly tell me. She has been spending a lot of time with this guy from her office, Mark. I have not met Mark but Lisa has already confessed to me that they have been flirting with each other. I figure this is the reason why Lisa feels so strongly about breaking her engagement and moving to a new place. I knew it wasn't about me. But here is the kicker. Mark is married. It figures that the only guy she likes has a "situation". When I said that C (the guy she's leaving) does not have "edge" she stated that Mark has edge. So there is is then. That is when I knew there was something going on.
I spent Saturday afternoon with Carolyn. It was quiet. I mostly listened and tried to be supportive. I don't know what she is going to do. I do feel fortunate that we never really have been romantic. I don't feel guilty about keeping a certain distance. I don't know what is going to happen but I will only watch.
On Sunday Lisa let me know there was no activity as far as her getting a new place to live. But there was another one she could look at. This was actually one we had seen pictures of before we even started looking and were very anxious to see. It was our understanding that it had sold. When Lisa came by she had her sister with her. The three of us looked at the place and it was every bit as good as we had expected. And the price was right where she needed it. Lisa submitted an offer than it was accepted right away. Then we checked on the one Lisa still preferred and told them her price one last time. They said they needed to do a "short sale". Lisa looked into that and had pretty much decided she would not do that. As far As I know she was moving forward yesterday with going to contract and getting a co-op. It's just a few doors down from me. Yikes. I feel it will be nice to have a close friend as a neighbor. I just wish I wasn't so in love with her.
Monday I was off from work but I didn't do much. I had to work to do getting the marina bill paid so I can have my boat in it's place in the spring. It was great having little to do. I got a full relaxing day.

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