Friday, February 17, 2012

Lisa makes an offer on a co-op

I have been giving Lisa advice about how to bid on her new co-op. The process is not as cut and dried as I thought it would be. She settled on what I could see as her perfect living space. It was listed at 170K just reduced from 180K just 10 days ago. I suggested she offer 140K with a hope of getting it for 150K. Her realtor said 135K would be a better starting point so that is what she went with.
And the process moved along. The dropped their price to 165K so Lisa immediately offered 145K. This is where things get a little fuzzy. The next number is 160K but I couldn't tell if that was from them or the realtor suggesting that they won't accept another offer less than that. Lisa made an offer of 150K late on Wednesday and at my suggestion shut it down. She wanted to make one more offer but I told her she should just stop and let the seller chew on it over night which she did.
I spoke to her early on Thursday and she said she planned to bump it up to 152K. The last thing I said to her was she should not make any offer more than 155K. But for some reason she was not getting any calls back from her realtor. This was making her crazy and in turn me as well. I really was thinking it would happen but it was quiet all day.
There are several co-op apartments that we looked at that Lisa liked so to hedge her bet she made an similar offer on another unit. But again she got little to no response. It was hard to tell from text messages we exchanged but it seems like she has become more than a little discouraged. I have this feeling that the seller for the first place told his rep that he was not entertaining any offers below 160K. I wanted to talk to her later Thursday but she stopped returning texts and I was unable to get her on the phone. Finally I got an email from her this morning. She just said she hopes something happens today. Unless she calls me I need to step back and let her manage the process. I know she will call me when she has any news.
Everything else has been relatively quiet. I feel like I should have reached out to Carolyn this week but I just haven't really thought about her too much. She hasn't been very talkative and I'm beginning to wonder if seeing her any more is really what I want to do. Other than having a nice dinner with her I do not find her very interesting. Seems like without the boat there isn't nearly as much for me to do with her. All she can think about right now is how her life is so hard. That got old a long time ago.

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