Monday, February 6, 2012

Mixed Emotions

Because the Giants won the Super Bowl. I'm still waiting for the Jets to just get there. Then the Giants win again! Ugh. It was the lesser of 2 evils because I detest the Pats even more than the Giants. Still, now having the have Giants fans laud over the whole thing is not good. So I'll move on. Or at least try.
The rest of the weekend went about the same as always. Carolyn called me in the middles of the week so I sent her a text message late in the day on Friday and the next thing I knew we were going out for dinner. Much of dinner was spent talking about her divorce proceeding. It's been moving at a snails pace. But she has resigned herself to it's inevitable outcome, which will require her to find a new place to live. So I listened but I'm not getting too involved. I asked her if the process will ever get to a point where she can start to plan her life a little. In other words if I make plans will I ever hear a response that isn't "I don't know what I can do". So I kind of told her that even though I can be a spontaneous person I do need to have a feeling of where I'll be from time to time. This my horrible attempt at telling her I won't be making any more plans around her and she needs to know that I'm not making those calls anymore. She barely flinched. So I just figured that would probably be the end of that.
So what happens Sunday? She calls me and offers to come and cook me dinner for the Super Bowl. This while I'm on the couch sipping wine with Lisa. Lisa wasn't staying so I told Carolyn that dinner would be great. I wasn't going to hide anything from either of them. After I hung up the phone I looked at Lisa and said, "Why did I just do that?"
The game was starting in less than 2 hours. I did have other options. Besides the bar I know my sister wanted me to come to her house. And Lisa said she would like it if I came with her to her sister's. But I wasn't really thinking I wanted to see Lisa and her boyfriend together after she had told me about their issues only hours before.
So then I pushed Lisa out the door and started getting the house ready for the game with just Carolyn. I had no idea how little Carolyn knows about football until the game actually started. Her first question was "how do they score points". She is absolutely clueless. Thank God she can cook a great dinner but really, where is this going if she has no idea of how the game works? I can't help wondering what she was doing there. I probably should have dragged her to the bar.
I made the best of it and lucky it was one of the most nail biting games ever. Last play of the game a 50 yard hail Mary pass into the end zone. It bounces incomplete. And Carolyn has her coat on and is out the door. No post game nookie. Again. I wonder if I would have enjoyed it more alone. Which in all honesty was going to be my primary option.
Now one little sidebar - Lisa has been looking for a new place to live and I have been tagging along. In the last 2 weekends we have seen more than a dozen different things. The ones in her price range were all not right for her and the ones we saw that she could see herself living in were all more than she can do. But not that far. The problem is she hasn't really nailed down her money yet. She thinks she has $45,000 in her retirement account she can draw from but she has no idea how much the taxes will take a bite out of it. We both figured the number is probably around $30K so if that is 20 percent she can spend about $150,000. Then we saw the perfect place and it's listed for $135K. But it's a no-pet co-op. And she has a cat. So we were mulling that over as we sipped wine. She is now leaning towards looking at my co-op. I am back and forth about how close I want her to be.
Lisa has her birthday just a week from today. Since I wasn't sure if I'd see her next weekend, because let's face it, she still lives with a boyfriend, I decided I needed to give her the present I had squirrelled away for her. Before she opened it she looked at me and said "You have no idea how much I needed something like this". She then told me how her weekend had gone. Apparently she and her boyfriend had a bad time the night before. Then Carolyn called and you know the rest.

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