Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunny Sunday

Every time I start to think I need to get rid of my boat because I just don't use it enough to justify the expense I have a day like yesterday. What a great day I had. No pictures so I will have to do my best description. I had asked my friend Chris to join me. He had gotten a broken foot way back in May so he hadn't been able to sail all summer. Chris is probably my only friend who has any sailing experience so it's always good to have someone else who knows what to do without detailed instructions.

So i woke up on Sunday with a tentative plan to get to the boat early. That didn't work out as I could only get to the boat a little after 12. Too many things to get done first, including laundry. It worked out well, since Chris could only get to the boat at 1 PM. But off we went as soon as he arrived. We motored out of the slip with a steady wind blowing from the south at about 10 to 12 knots. As we were leaving the marina I noticed we were barely making any speed since I had the engine full throttle and we had wind and current behind us. So I anchored and over the side I went to check the prop and sure enough it was crusted with barnacles. So we spent an hour scraping the prop and shaft and brushing the waterline as best we could. The effect of not getting the boat moved out of the slip enough. With that we pulled up the anchor and made a nice 4 hour sail. All was good. Sunny and 85 degrees.   

I've always had my best sailing moments it seems in September and October. I'm going to make an effort to get out every weekend for the rest of the year.

The rest of the weekend was more of the usual. I never seem to hear from Lisa on weekends anymore. I really miss her. Lately all our communication comes vie Instant messaging and we don't really have any indpth conversations that way. I'm still talking to Coleen almost everyday and usually multiple times a day. I hadn't seen her for over 2 weeks until last Friday. I walked into Gates and saw her talking to Tony and I had to fight the urge to give her a big hug. She looked so good. I tryed to play the game and just waved hello and joined the other friends I had there. Eventually she came over to me and we agreed to meet for lunch on Saturday. I finally gave her the sweatshirt I bought for her from my trip. I got all kinds of shit about that from Roberta. "Where's my shirt?", she said.  So I guess I fell down in her eyes. I guess I shouldn't have promised to get Coleen something when I'm still just another one of her guy friends. But then she calls me I forget all that stuff and I'm just glad it's her. She even rang me up this morning at work.

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