Sunday, September 28, 2008

Saturday night stuff

Last night there was some live music at my favorite bar I was there until past midnight even though I am still feeling the effects of some kind of cough that is more annoying than debilitating.

Coleen was there and she was having fun. These are the moments that make me want to be more than her friend. I felt very close to her.  

This is a picture of Coleen and Tony. Probably the only photo I've been able to get where you can see the real Coleen smile.

It's hard to get in a picture with Coleen when it's my camera and I'm taking most of the pictures. But I did manage to hand off the camera once and get myself into a picture. The older man is Donald who works as an auxiliary police and knows Coleen since she was little. He is in his seventies and seemed to think he could get Coleen to go home with him. I spent about an hour trying to act as a buffer between Colleen and his pawing hands. What's odd is Coleen never really shut him down. Jami asked if it made me jealous, which of course it did, but I couldn't admit that.

Coleen left way before me which isn't that unusual. I always have this hope that she will stay until I go but she never does. I always have this urge to make plans with her but she is always leaving it open on the chance she can spend time with Mark. Last thing we said was that she would call me today (Sunday) which at this point she hasn't. I wish she would give up on the Mark thing but it's obvious by now that's not in the cards. Still I enjoy her company when I can.

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dontyouwant2no said...

Looks like u had a good time :) Sad that she still wants to hold onto Mark. I hope things work out for you though. And about the email about how things are going ... I hope I didn't go into to much detail I wasen't for sure on really what to say. Not to many good things going on to talk about..

Take care :)