Monday, September 15, 2008

Extra Extra

Interesting development... Lisa and I exchanged the following emails;

Lisa: any suggestions for a 2nd job?

Lisa: i think i'm going to need one

Mike:Oh no. Why? I had the boat out yesterday with Chris. Such a nice day. I was thinking about how much you would have enjoyed it.

Mike:A second job.... or just getting a new job. The only real opportunities are in retail. Or working in a bar.

Lisa: truithfully b/c i don't know if i can deal w/carmine and i can't pay my rent/bills without him

Lisa: how's that for sad?

Mike: Yes. That's a little unsettling. Considering how much skill and ability you have it shouldn't be this way. We haven't really talked about it other than that day you were at my house for dinner. I wish I had answers but I'm not sure how I make it through each month.

I have been getting hints from her that there was trouble in paradise. I don't really know what to make of this but I will see her later so she can vent. Stay tuned.

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