Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm sick but still doing stuff

I've been sick since Saturday night. Can't figure out what it is. I felt like I had a fever and the cold sweats on Saturday at bed time. So Sunday I stayed in despite the beautiful day. Worked from home Monday and Tuesday even though I was dog tired. I was starting to think I had some kind of bladder or kidney infection because I was peeing so much I felt very dehydrated.

Then yesterday I felt better but when I went to the city for work I started a get this dry cough in the afternoon. Today I'm congested and still have this nagging cough. It's all in my chest. I can't tell if I'm really sick or it's just allergies. Hopefully I'll be better by the weekend.

Last night included dinner with Coleen. Even though I felt tired and just wanted to lie down I sucked it up and went because it's Coleen and I still can't manage to say no to her. It actually was a nice dinner even though I was having trouble finishing a sentence without needing to stop and cough.  

I wish I had better experience at seduction. It really feels good know that she likes me but only on a platonic way it seems. I can't seem to shake this aura of non-sexuality with girls that I like. I know I should be more up front about my feelings but whenever I attempt to bring about a discussion of that she steers the conversation to her relationship with Mark. I create this agenda topics I wish I could get to but I never seem to get to it either because the time we spend is so short or I just see her not wanting to talk.

In fact last night's dinner was exactly that ... just dinner... we were together for just a little over an hour. A big reason for that was how under the weather I was. She did say she wanted to call me today. She has me where she wants me and not much I can do about it.


cindyliz770 said...

I hope you feel better soon. My son has what sounds like the same illness and I woke up this morning feeling like I couldn't keep my stomach down. Oh well, anyway - happy fall!!

dontyouwant2no said...

Sorry you don't feel well! :( I hope you get better