Friday, September 19, 2008

It is Friday

I reached out to Coleen after work yesterday just to see what she was up to. So we met at the bar. We only had a couple of drinks but then we decided to go have something to eat at her favorite Italian place. It was fun but a little more expensive than I wanted. I'm a little low on cash this month so I may need to stay in this weekend.

I am thinking a lot about Lisa, but I knew her plans last night was to have Carmine over so I figured I could distract myself by Coleen. That worked a little bit.

I have no plans tonight and it seems like everyone else has some kind of date. That works out for me since I think I'm down to just my last few dollars. I am hopeful that Saturday will be a good day.

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dontyouwant2no said...

Your journal seems like a story. I wish I had better things to talk about it mine. Nothing is going on that seems to good to even talk about cept for some drama or the same o things going on. Oh well. Seems like your doing well and I am to other then wanting to get back on my feet and just having a hard time doing so.

Take care.