Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Independently Free.

And here comes another holiday. Tomorrow is Fourth of July. I will be out of the office Thursday and Friday as well. I'm not sure how I will spend my time away from the work, but I'm going to try and enjoy all that I can. No one will be off that i know if so I will be flying solo pretty much like always.
Last night I had a total me time, as I grabbed my book and read while also watching a great sunset, followed by a moonrise. It makes me say to sit alone for these things but that is how is has to be then I accept it. At least I'm in a place where I can have a serene moment.
Prior to heading down to the water Lisa called me. She needed to borrow a small fan that was hoping would keep her laptop from over heating. I would have like her to join me but she had pretty much planned a quiet evening at home. Perhaps it's a good thing as we have spent more than enough time together. I need to give her more time without me around.
I have made plans to see my sister over the holiday. We are planning to use the boat during the day and then barbecue with the rest of the family at her house. Then everyone will jump on the boat for the fireworks. I only home we don't over crowd the boat again. Seems like all the kids want to bring a friend, and everyone is getting older and bigger. Makes for a very messy scene, especially for me. I try not to get stressed but I do anyway. With all these people coming I have pretty much decided none of my friend are being invited. It really isn't something they want anyway. Problem is that leaves me with the task of driving the boat and also trying to entertain. I had hopes that Lisa would come aboard, but she seems to want to do things with her own family.
So I get to spend my Independence Day totally independent. I will once again make an effort to get some pictures.

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