Monday, July 9, 2012

5 days of no work

I'm back. I was away from the office for the weekend after 4th of July. It was basically just me alone other than those moments where I went out. That's not totally true but to me it feels that way.
I saw my sister on July 3rd. It was hot so I invited her to come out on the boat with Lisa and I. Lisa was going then not going then suddenly she was. This is starting to become typical.
So after spending the entire day enjoying the swimming off the boat I went to my sister's for barbecue and Lisa went to her sister's. So I didn't see her at all for fireworks.
At 7:30 I have a boat load of mostly family go out to the harbor and see the fireworks. It was a good show. Not a single stressful moment even though there are more people on the boat than I can count. It looked like everyone had a good time, I know I did. As the fireworks ended God added a little lightning to the show. So we wasted no time getting back to the dock, but my good luck held out as the showers went east of us.
The next harbor over got the storm. I mention this because in the news the next day was the tragic store of a boat the capsized and sank. Three children died. The boat was almost as big as mint, 34 feet. But there were 27 people on boat, twice as many as I had. There were also caught in the storm and on top of that the boat was not a sailboat, but a power boat with an elevated cockpit. I'm sure all those things had a lot to do with it.
So that accident has me thinking a lot about how quickly things can go wrong and adding to whatever stress I get. But I also have years of experience and should know better. I spent the rest of my time using the boat as much as I can. It has been extremely hot so it has been the best relief other than the A/C at home.
Thursday night I was home alone, as I was all day Friday. At night I joined Lisa and her sister Ellen at an outdoor oldies concert. That was fun but it was an early night.
The rest of the weekend kind of went along without too many things worth writing about. I did see Carolyn, but only briefly. We made a plan to go boating, but she has too many obligations to commit to anything. We may get together one night this week.

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