Monday, July 23, 2012

Beautiful Life.

As may have already seen from my prior post I spent my Saturday out with Lisa and her sister seeing KC and the Sunshine Band at a free event. It was a fun relaxing evening. I like Lisa's sister because she and I are the same age (Lisa is 10+ years younger) and Ellen is my biggest fan. She has a husband and three adult children so her life tends to revolve around them. Ellen and Lisa a very close though so they tend to come as a package. Ellen's husband was away visiting his elderly mother so it was just the three of us.
It was tons of fun even though it was so crowded. But it all worked out and we enjoyed our little wine and cheese party before the show. It was a long walk back to the car afterwards and I thought Lisa was about to hit the wall before we got there, but she sucked it up and we made it to the car and home without incident. By that time she was done. I said goodnight to her at her door and that was that.
Prior to that I pretty much confirmed what I suspected, which is that she went out with her work friend Mark on Thursday night. She said she had gone out with "work friends" but I know better than that. I was at her house on Friday and I noticed she had a bottle of gin. Lisa has NEVER had gin before. She claimed it was just for a change of pace but I know her better than that. She had company the night before.
Now I could be wrong about this but I think I'm pretty good about connecting the dots. Especially when she told me that Mark gave the cat a new toy. But he's married, did I forget to mention that? So Lisa still has plenty of time on the weekends because married guys can't commit their weekends. Even when they have a loveless marriage.
While I am fairly sure about what I think I only have suspicions. I'd prefer not to know for sure and Lisa will probably try to keep it that way until something concrete happens, like he leaves his wife. I won't deny that is bothers me. It's just more and more obvious that no matter how things go I'll never be anything significant other than what I am now.
So with that in mind I stopped at the bar on Sunday afternoon. It's not like anything could happen there but I just needed to get out. While there I saw Coleen. She was bitching about her boyfriend, which I honestly don't want to hear about. But she did give me a nice hello and I will always keep a soft spot for her. I wasn't there very long. I was home watching TV by 7 which pretty much sucked.

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