Sunday, February 7, 2010

What happened this weekend

It's Super Bowl Sunday. The Jets were close to being one of the teams playing but now I get to watch two teams I have little or no interest in. My plan is to go to the Gate to see the game although I wonder if I should. I was there Friday night and again last night and I have this little voice telling me I need a change of scenery.

Friday night I went to the Gate after work and at first I didn't see anyone but after 10 minutes Dave came in and then much to my surprise Roberta came in. Roberta has been staying away for a while saying she doesn't really like the "element" that she sees there... I think she means Coleen but who knows. Speaking of Coleen she wasn't there. More on that later.

I only stayed for one drink because I was going to help Lisa move some furniture she had gotten second hand. It was only going to take an hour or so. I was hoping to just hang out somewhere besides the Gate and I told Roberta I would call and meet somewhere if she wanted. She seemed to be agreeable to that but when I called she didn't answer or call back.

Rather than go home early I decided to see who might be at the Gate. I pulled into the parking lot and saw Janet's car and parked and went in. I didn't see Coleen's car. I was kind of relieved. I went in and at the end of the bar Janet was with Jami and Jimmy ... the same Jimmy that I thought Coleen was now seeing. So I was curious about what was with that. Jimmy was downing drinks and was really intoxicated. Even though I was wondering how things were going with Jimmy and Coleen no one mentioned it and I certainly wasn't bringing it up.

One of the things I noticed was that Janet seemed awfully tense. I seemed like everything I would say was getting on her nerves. But I didn't really care. She had been a little secretive about where she had dinner. I suspect she had a date and maybe it didn't go so well. So I'm not putting a lot of into it. So I was there for an hour or so and Jimmy was too drunk to drive so Janet took him home... which was the smart thing to do. Don't read anything into that ... she just drove and he got home okay. That was the end of the night.

Saturday started out okay. I got up early and met Lisa at the gym and did a good long run on the treadmill and I am really feeling good about myself. Afterwards I called Janet and we went to get some party supplies which took most of the afternoon. On the way back we stopped into Partners which is our Halloween Party bar. There were only a couple people there and the girl behind the bar was very chatty. Her name is Maria and she seemed nice and I liked her looks. But she looked way too young. She did like me I thought. Makes me wonder if I shouldn't consider this to be my change of scenery. We didn't stay long and we had decided to meet the rest of the "gang" at the Gate.

We get there and I see Coleen's car and I immediately swallowed hard and hoped this wouldn't be too bad. To my surprise she was there alone and no Jimmy. Maybe I've completely misread what is really going on. We chatted a bit but there really nothing there anymore. I need ti start feeling less and less and maybe that's a good start. She said she was sick on Friday and didn't come out. I still don't really know what to expect but I am fairly sure she still isn't looking to call me as much as she once did. She left pretty early and I just waved as she walked out the door.

That was my Saturday. Not much happened after that and I was home early. Today I can expect to see all the same people at the Super Bowl party. I'll try to have fun.

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