Thursday, February 4, 2010

Being pro-active

I really needed to talk to someone last night so I reached out to Janet and we chatted for over an hour. First thing she asked was "what's wrong" and just said I was alone all day and just wanted to hear the sound of a human voice. She seemed to understand and we proceeded to talk about anything that would come up. I really needed it. At least I found out that I am not in her dog house. She empathises with me in my feelings about Judy. She is just not getting dragged into anything. That s a relief. So now I can kind of relax.

I went to the bank and took care of paying off one of my 401-k loans. Now I am set to make a move on an apartment. I need to stay on budget for a while so I can make things work. In my mind I believe this will happen. I don't know what to expect after that but it would be nice to get something I want for a change.

I'll get to the gym again tonight and hopefully Lisa makes it there too. In my conversations with Janet we spoke of Lisa's birthday ... her boyfriend is planning a party and I asked Janet for help with decorations. We have a plan for the weekend. I need to make plans so I don't have another nothing weekend last week.

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