Monday, February 8, 2010

Fear and loathing during Super Bowl

As I was getting out the door to go see the Super Bowl at the Gate I got a call on my cell from Coleen .... first incoming call from her in about a month. Imagine my shock. It felt great to talk to her although the little voice in my head was making me wonder why she suddenly was back calling me. I didn't make a big deal about it, if fact I tried to not say how much I'd missed her at all. We were both going to the Gate so I agreed to pick her up and we would make the trip together. Last thing I said is she should let me know when she was ready to leave and to not stay longer just because of me. Her response was that she could always get a ride home from someone. Well that pretty much sums up what my role is.

Okay, so here we go on the rollercoaster ride that was my evening. Now I know just about everyone there and so does Coleen and we weren't really together once we got inside. Jimmy was there too so I wanted to keep a distance and see if I could figure out what is really going on. Coleen wasn't paying much attention to any one person. Judy actually came in and put herself in between Jimmy and Coleen. I am still not wanting to talk to Judy so I moved even a little farther away.

Time to cut to the chase ... somewhere between the first and second quarter a girl walked in that I didn't recognize and went right up he gave her the biggest hello I've ever seen him give. They shared conversation exclusively for about the rest of the night. I could see Coleen go quiet and was trying not be noticed.... I know the feeling because that is where I was only days before. Obviously I'd misread where they were and they are not a couple ... not yet anyway.

So there was no talking to Coleen after that. What could I even say? I mean I did talk to her but she was not engaging. I could see she was getting upset and trying like hell not to show it. She didn't move out of her seat. She smokes and there was a moment when Jimmy asked her to go out on a cigarette break and she just shook her head no.

So after an hour or so of that ... a little past halftime... she got her coat. Judy was going to give her a ride. So there would be no discussion during the ride home. I am glad not to do that as I would not be able to say anything. I'm sure she thinks no one could see how upset she was and if I drove her home she would be closed up like a clam.

Now for the kicker ... about 10 or 20 minutes after Coleen left I noticed Jimmy had disappeared but the girlfriend was still that but was on her phone. I don't know what really happened but this is what I'm guessing ... Coleen got home and sent some kind of text to Jimmy. Jimmy got the text and either was on the phone with Coleen for hours or he went to her leaving the girl behind.

I have no idea how this could have went but I'm betting there was an emotional exchange. For all I know Coleen just went home and went to bed. I stayed until well after the game ended and Jimmy never did come back. I got into this long deep talk with Janet. For some reason she wasn't that anxious to go. I don't think she knew what I was doing but maybe she did.

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