Monday, March 28, 2011

Never give up, Never surrender

I finally had a conversation with Janet although not the kind I've been hoping for. She kind of snuck up on me at the bar while I was playing pool on Sunday afternoon. I'd just won a game over Harry who had ruled the pool table for over an hour. So I got some quarters out and beat him. Pretty much the entire bar was focused on it too. So after that in rolled Janet and Roberta. Janet's daughter is getting married in 6 weeks and they had just come from the bridal shower. So Janet gets me aside and wanted to talk and I said I'd like to but now was not a good time. Then I kind of let her know she and I were okay and not to think we weren't. With that she started to try to get me to ease up on Roberta as well. I just said we can talk when we aren't "under the influence". Probably not going to happen until I get back from Florida. We also briefly discussed both of our job situations. She is in a tough spot as she feels that the change in management is about to make sweeping changes and she will be pushed out the door. I mentioned I'm in a better position than she is but I have my own stressful situation. With that we ended our conversation and I went back to playing pool. On Saturday night I found myself talking to someone new. I'm holding off giving out the name unless we re-connect but still, "it" hasn't happened in a while. I've been hoping to make something happen, like a date, just so I know I still can. There was a band and we were chatting at the bar between songs. I didn't get a bad vibe and I did feel like she had some interest. Before the end of the night I gave her my phone number on a bar napkin. I saw her put it into her cell phone which makes me feel like she is considering calling me. She didn't give me her number though so I'm not expecting anything will happen. But, I haven't given up. Still have hopes.

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