Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A posting about 800 lb. gorilla and an olive branch

When I finished work on Monday, instead of doing what I should do, which would be going to the gym, I went into the bar to relax and hopefully just have a conversation. I expected to see Jimmy there and maybe play a little pool. But I go in and there was Coleen there and pretty much no one else. I sat next to her and she went on a little about how her mom is not doing so well. Her mom struggles with depression so bad that she is on medication that seems to lose it's effectiveness from time to time. So we talked about that and also how I just kind of slipped out on Sunday after the parade.

It's funny as she really never even said a word to me Sunday and the fact that she even noticed I was gone probably escaped her for a long time. Yet Monday there I was talking to her and then she was asking if I'd like to have dinner with her at her house. At first I resisted because her mom was sick but she was very insistent and I did like the idea so I finally agreed. We each needed to run an errand so I said I would get there about 20 minutes after she did. With that she left and Lynnie (the bartender) just casually mentioned that she overheard the conversation and was a little surprised that she would invite me there with her mom being sick. I responded that I am one of the few people that actually like her parents and they seem to like me and I could actually cheer her mom up. And I actually believe this too. Sometimes I look at it as the kiss of death as Coleen, like what seems like all women, really is only attracted to men that her family dislikes.

So I went there and enjoyed a nice dinner. Her mom was up and around although just in a bathrobe. I stayed and ate and left by 8 PM. It was an okay dinner. At least it got me out of the house.

Tuesday Lisa sent me an email asking if I was interested in seeing some music in the City that night. I hesitated but decided I need to distraction and I so rarely spend any time with Lisa anymore. I figured what the hell. Turned out it was Lisa and her two sisters, Ellen and Sally going along with Sally's boyfriend. That meant five of us in a compact car. And the evening ended up running me $60. Other than that I had a enjoyable evening, although getting home at 12:30 then getting up at quarter to six for work today is proving to be challenging.

Also on Monday I put the RSVP to the weeding of Janet's daughter in the mail. I'm going even though right now we aren't really talking. The wedding is May 7th and I figure by then we will have probably worked it out. Even Coleen was urging me to just let it go when we spoke Monday. Of course, Coleen doesn't know what was said that is making me so upset. I know that all I really need is to just be heard but as each day passes I can tell that I may never get that. The problem is I feel like we will always have that 800 lb. gorilla in the room until it gets dealt with. I'm wondering if she will finally talk to me once she sees my acceptance to the wedding. I am hoping that is some kind of olive branch.

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