Friday, March 11, 2011

It's lonely being right

I have been fighting a cold all week and I've still managed to get into work every day. I had 2 projects move to production at once so there was no missing work or even trying to work from home. One of the projects had been in development for over a year so it's good to see it gone from my desk.
So I worked all day Wednesday and was struggling with the whole sneezing, queasy stomach, and my eyes felt like they were being squeezed. All I wanted was to go home and sleep. None of my friends were reaching out to me but I'll get to that later. After work I boarded a train home and wanted to just close my eyes while the train drove me home. I must say one of the great things about my commute home is I do get to relax a bit for the ride home. So as I drifted into a nap my cell phone rings and it's my somewhat new project manager. I wasn't thrilled when she was hired but I figured I have to report to someone so trying to make the best of it. I've been working on the same applications for close to 18 years and someone from the outside can't really know how things work. One of the good things about my work life right now is no one can really mess with me too much as I know no one can replace me. That may not be true a year from now. So anyway my new project manager is a woman who is Asian-Indian so right away I'm dealing with whatever cultural differences there may be. The other dynamic is she was hired for her technical ability and not her experience with the type of business we are - Health care. I find this odd but not surprising since the director also lacks health care experience.
I get a call on the train telling me I had not delivered some documents that I had been asked for and had working on the night before. My first thought was I'd forgotten to send then even though I did finish them. So I apologized and now my evening was screwed up and I could barely keep my eyes open. I got home an d looked and sure enough I had sent the info the night before at 6:09 PM. I called her and told her she had it from the night before. She said the even though she did have them she wanted me to resend them. My guess is she was using this as an excuse for her inability to get her work done. My being sick with a cold made everything seem fuzzy. One of my busiest days and sick too. Can't call in sick.
So I get through my day yesterday as best I can but I know I really need to rest. I hope I can do that this weekend. There was no going out this week which is just as well. I get a sense that no one really wants me around right now. I don't expect to hear from Janet ever again. Coleen had been a little cold to me. Probably Jami told her some things that I've said that paint a picture of me that I've kept hidden as much as I could. Or maybe she spoke to Janet. All the bitches sticking together.... maybe not but I do know it's been real quiet. I know I'm right but it can be lonely. I'm considering whether or not I ever want to hang out with any of them.

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